Deepen Your Knowledge – What to Study Next?

You have developed appetite to learn more about Sustainable Finance and ESG and maybe even shift your career in this field? Great! You are not alone and luckily there are a number of educational programs available to get certified and build expertise in these areas.

We know that identifying the program that fits your needs and budget is not always easy; this is why we have compiled a database of available courses and programs that will save you time in researching.

Don’t get lost in Terminology

Sustainable Finance will expose you to a number of new terms and acronyms. We have looked for a one-stop Glossary resource on Sustainable Finance and identified this 4-page ESG Glossary created by First Affirmative using CERES, Mercer, Parnassus and USSIF as a source, is a great reference document containing over 40 terms with short descriptions.



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