Our courses are designed to build fundamental knowledge on various sustainability topics, standards and frameworks. We are constantly working on bringing relevant and  engaging content and adding to our course selection.

ESG and Sustainable Investing 101

This course will allow you to understand the difference between ESG or Sustainable Investing and Ethical or Socially Responsible Investing. You will learn about the foundation and current state of the market as well as basic terms and concepts used in the field. We will cover some more specific environmental, social and governance factors and risks. Bridging ESG factors and financial performance will bring clarity on the interrelationship between these extra-financial issues and risk/return outcomes.

Sustainability Accounting Standards

Drawing on the framework developed by the Sustainability Accounting Standard’s Board’s (SASB), this course will give you an overview of how industry-specific sustainability information can inform corporate strategies or investor recommendations and gain the skills needed to evaluate corporate performance on sustainability factors.

Impact Investing

This course is a great start to dive into Impact Investing universe. We will cover definitions, frameworks and standards in impact investing, measurement and tracking. You will build a fundamental knowledge on Impact Management Project and IRIS + metrics.

Finally, we will look at the process of constructing Impact Investment portfolio and learning about Impact Multiple of Money as a fund manager’s metric.




On-Demand Videos

Learn at your own pace. Condensed and engaging course accessible any time on your phone and computer.

Factual Content Built by Industry Experts

Content draws on materials available through CFA Institute, SASB, PRI and reviewed by reputable industry experts.

Practical Application

Assignment and quizzes will keep you engaged and applying acquired knowledge.

Certificate of Completion

Obtain online certificate upon completion to showcase in your network.

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