Engage for a better world


Foundational course on active ownership and shareholder engagement developed and taught by Nawar Alsaadi, FSA, SIPC.

Course Launch: Summer 2021

Length: 1 hour video, 3-4 hours of reading

Format: video, quizzes, downloadable resources

Previous knowledge: basic understanding of the ESG concepts

Price: TBD


Learning Outcomes

Understand what is active ownership and why it matters

Where to position active ownership within the responsible investing universe.

Learn how to set engagement goals, and objectives

How to identify relevant objective metrics to engage on and track.

Learn how to prepare and develop a complete and effective engagement plan

How to define an engagement scope, setting up timelines and milestones, setting KPIs, selecting an engagement approach, selecting a communication method, writing engagement letters, and establishing a smart escalation strategy.

Discover how to embed the engagement function with your organization

Learn about the various ways you can embed the engagement job function within your organization. You will learn to maximise internal co-operation with the proxy and portfolio management function for improved engagement outcomes.

Learn how to report, track, and communicate your engagements

You will familiarize yourself with best of class engagement reporting practices, using real-life examples and actual engagement reports.


Nawar Alsaadi, SIPC, FSA Credential Holder

Nawar is a sustainable investment professional with 10+ years in capital markets and corporate engagement experience.


He has been involved with a number of high-profile activist campaigns with TSX and NYSE listed companies on issues pertaining to corporate governance and corporate strategy. In 2014, he founded Semper Augustus Capital, an activist investing firm with a focus on corporate governance and strategy. In 2018, he expanded his engagement focus to the full spectrum of ESG topics through the development and application of the Material Engagement concept.


Nawar holds a Sustainable Investment Professional Certification from Concordia University,  ESG Investing certification from the CFA institute (UK), and an FSA Credential from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). Nawar is also a member of the Governance Professionals of Canada, and serves as an ESG Engagement expert at Nawar is the author of five books, and an active contributor to the financial and sustainability press.