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sustainability training made easy.

Save time on developing in-house training, leverage on
expert-built content and tailor to your specific needs




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We help sustainability leaders and learning development teams to
save time on developing, delivering, and updating employee training
by providing pre-built, customizable, and scalable e-learning solutions.

Popular topics for your teams

  • Initiation to Sustainable Finance

  • What is ESG?

  • Climate risks

  • Sustainable Investing Strategies

  • ISSB Standards

  • Sustainable Lending

  • ESG and fiduciary duty

  • Materiality

  • Net Zero

Plug & Play

Large selection of pre-built learning journeys.


Rich, interactive content, including interviews, videos and quizzes


Our content is easily customizable to meet your specific ESG training needs


Our content is regularly updated to reflect the latest ESG research and regulatory developments

Our Services

Our Clients

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Asset Managers









Customer Stories

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Global Asset Manager

Client: A leading US asset manager and insurer, with over $700 billion in assets under management (AUM) and a global workforce of 16,000 employees. 

Use Case: Through the integration of ED4S Sustainable Investing Essentials and Advanced modules, this powerhouse swiftly upskilled its entire workforce. By customizing the curriculum with their own material, they seized the opportunity to deepen employee understanding of the company's core philosophy, sustainability efforts, and unique offerings, effectively aligning team expertise with strategic objectives in sustainable investing. 


Community Bank

Client: North America's premier community bank, employing over 55,000 staff members. 

Use Case: Opting out of a year-long in-house development of sustainability training, this banking leader rapidly deployed a comprehensive training program across its business lending division, in both English and French. The initiative featured three meticulously designed modules, all of which garnered exceptional feedback from employees, marking a significant leap in internal sustainability education and engagement.

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Insurance Company

Client: The UK branch of a global general insurance giant.  

Use Case: This visionary client swiftly implemented a bespoke, hybrid training program for its multidisciplinary ESG task force. The comprehensive curriculum blended live virtual sessions on corporate sustainability and sustainable insurance with e-learning and assessments in sustainable investing, equipping their team with the knowledge and tools to lead in the ESG space. 

Here's how it works

  1   Book a Free 30-minute consultation 

During a virtual call, we will discuss your needs to define your training outcomes : target audience, desired impact, duration, key topics, performance metrics.

  2    Receive personalized learning design proposal

Within 48 hours, find out what your personalized program could look like. There is no cost!

  3    Approve the prototype of your custom course

Easily review the content of your custom training program on ED4S platform. Integrate your own content in a seamless way, if desired. 

  4    Receive your high impact Learning Journey

Your customized learning journeys can be deployed and administered on ED4S platform or integrated with your own Learning Management System. 

  5    Track performance and ongoing update

Receive analytics on training performance and feedback and adjust the content if needed. ED4S provides annual sustainability market updates to keep your employees up-to-date.

ED4S is an extension of your sustainability team with
learning design expertise and array of capabilities.

Time Sensitive Approach

We are focused on building smart training solutions that fit within your employees demanding work schedules

Our learner-centric approach allows for efficient knowledge through 5-minute segments. Providing users with the ability to set a learning pace that works best for them.

Business Meeting

Expertise Made Simple

ED4S Academy distils leading sustainability research into actionable, accessible and
customizable content.

Working with subject matter experts, we create high-impact customizable sustainability training modules for all relevant departments within your organization.

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Sustainability in Motion


30 mins | E-Learning

Enterprise-wide ESG capacity building designed for financial institutions, intermediaries, and regulatory bodies. This course provides a foundational understanding of ESG considerations in the financial sector and is your first step in building company-wide common language.

Built in partnership with Finance Montréal


  • White label | Corporate license available.

  • Compatible with most Learning Management Systems.

Prebuilt Learning Journeys

3-5 hours | E-Learning

Foundational course to build awareness about different aspects of Sustainable Investing and application of the Environmental, Social, and Governance topics in the decision making process.

2-3 hours | E-Learning

Shareholder engagement is one of the ways used by investors to drive a positive change among their portfolio companies. This process-oriented course covers the full cycle of effective shareholder engagement.

1 hour | E-Learning

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the ISSB's S1 standards, formerly known as SASB standards. The course is a short version of the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) certification

3-4 hours | E-Learning

Build a foundational knowledge about the Impact investing field with our course. This course provides you an overall view of the Impact Investing approaches, terminology, frameworks and case studies.

Our Instructors

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Matt Orsagh, CFA

Sustainable Finance Expert

Matt has been working in the sustainability world for over 20 years. He was part of the original team that started GovernanceMetrics International (now part of MSCI), where he helped develop the first iterations of current ESG analysis.


Stephen Kibsey, MBA, SIPC

ESG Consultant and Educator

Stephen is an investment professional with over thirty years of experience in various roles such as analyst, portfolio manager, and risk manager at different organizations including one of Canada's largest investment institutions, CDPQ, and one of Canada's largest corporate pension funds, BIMCOR.


Lucie Bourgeois, CRHA, ASC

Sustainability Consultant

Lucie is specialized in corporate social responsibility, strategic planning, change management, and human resources. Over the last 20 years, she has developed pragmatic methodologies to anchor societal engagement in business strategies and to foster multi-sector partnerships with societal impact.

Tools and Resources


See how executive directors, communications managers, and sustainability architects have to say about our course content.

An incredibly informative, interactive, and engaging course - a very quick and efficient way to dive into sustainable investing!

Tali Zuckerman

ESG Communications Manager

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